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    You should start receiving The Mensa Bulletin - American Mensa's national journal, and The OMEN - Oregon Mensa's newsletter - within about 5 weeks of joining.

    The Bulletin is published 10 times a year, The Omen is monthly. Both are available including back-issues, at the American Mensa Limited website. See link below.

    You will want to sign up for our e-mail announcements list: or.a . It will bring you weekly calendar reminders, and news; plus events someone thought up at the last minute. We have other e-lists, to encourage convertsation between members. Read about them here.
Visiting Members: Prospective Members Mensa Admission Tests:
    Tests are given all over Oregon and Southwest Washington several times a year. Information and schedules are available from our Testing Coordinator.
The Omen, Online Oregon Mensa's Local Group Newsletter, :
    To read The Omen online, you need only be a member of American Mensa "in good standing." That just means your dues are paid up and current. Your login for the American Mensa Ltd. (AML) website is your membership number; you select your own password. Content at the AML website includes most local group newsletters, which you may read, regardless of local group affiliation.

    Follow this link:

    Read The Omen Online
          with your member login and password.
         If that doesn't take you directly to our newsletter:
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          Most Recent / Pacific Region 8 / Oregon Mensa
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Oregon Mensa Phone
    1-866-239-7548 (toll free)

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