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Wine Country and Wineries
Oregon has 303 wineries. Several parts of Oregon and Southern Washington are very well-suited to growing premium quality wine grapes. This has spawned an industry full of delightful flavors.

There are dozens of tasting rooms within an hour of Portland where staff are delighted to offer you a taste of their wares, most for free. Beware though, after tasting you may want to buy some.

Oregon Wine Country
  • Abacella
  • Adelsheim
  • Argyle
  • Cathedral Ridge

  • Cooper Mountain
  • David Hill (yeah!)
  • Chehalem
  • Elk Cove

  • Enola Hills
  • Erath One of the First Oregon Wineries.
  • Helvetia Vineyards
  • Henry Estate

  • Maryhill Winery and event venue on the Columbia Gorge, 2-hours East of Portland, on the Washington side
  • McMenamin's Winery
  • Naked Winery A couples orientation, just a bit naughty.
  • Oak Knoll

  • Paradis Vineyards
  • Ponzi One of the First Oregon Wineries.
  • Raptor Ridge
  • Rex Hill

  • Shallon Winery
  • Sokol Blosser One of the first Oregon Wineries. Their work wins a lot of awards.
  • Stoller Vineyards
  • Tualatin Estate
  • Willamette Valley Vineyards
  • All Oregon Wineries
  • Wikipedia on Oregon's Wineries
  • Wikipedia's Oregon Wineries List
  • Wines Northwest
  • Oregon Wine Press
  • Oregon Wine News
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  • Wine Tours, Oregon
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  • Insiders Wine Tour
  • Oregon Wine Tours

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    Visiting an Oregon winery and tasting their wares is a sublime way spend a day any season of the year.
    Wine_in_Park Fest

    Many Oregon and Washington wineries have multi-million dollar tasting rooms on site.

    Oregon's Wine Industry is robust, and varied with over 300 wineries and still growing.

    Willamette river boat