Our Wall of Heroes

Here is a very incomplete list of the people who have contributed to the success of Oregon Mensa and the many roles they've filled over the years. To them we offer our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.

Lynne A Omen Editor
Liesl A Omen Editor 2013-Present
Brian AveneyLocSec
RG Chair
Oregon Mensa Presents
First Saturday Host
Ed Blyth Omen Publisher 2011-Present
Dan BurgAMC Chairman 2013-2015
AMC 1st Vice Chairman 2009-2013
AMC 2nd Vice Chairman 2007-2009
AMC 2nd Vice Chairman 2000-2005
AMC Secretary 1997-2000
Oregon Recording Secretary 2002-2005
Ember Skidmore Burg MG Hospitality Chair 2006
RG Hospitality Chair 2003
AMC Hospitality Chair 2004
Stephen Darnell"Eternal" RG Registrar / Treasurer
Gary Eisler PR Contact
Shirley F RG Hospitality Chair
Jenny Foster New Members Event
Games Nights
Christine F RG Chair
First Saturday Host
Jeff Fisher RG Chair 2013
First Saturday Host
Trivia Coordinator
Yahoo List Manager
(many) RG Beermeister
Video Night Host
Terrie FEditor GNOMEN 1995-1997
Area Coordinator, Roseburg
OMEN Copy Editor
Brewster Gillett TGIF Coordinator
"Eternal" Mensa Testing Coordinator
Recording Secretary 2009-2012
RG Chair 2012
Longbow Man
First Saturday Host
Edmond Goodwin Omen Editor
Jacqueline G Treasurer
Randy Gresham RG Hospitality Chair
First Saturday Host
David Grover Omen Editor
Bill Harp AG Hospitality, 2011
John Herrmann Omen Publisher
First Saturday Host
Ann H Omen Editor
Sharon H Dues Subsidy Chair
Velma J Oregon Owl Award
Mensa International Chair
International Director Administration
International Treasurer
Janice J (AMC) Leadership Development Workshop Handbook Editor
RG Chair
RG Co-chair
RG Hospitality Chair
Scott Kauffman LocSec
Omen Editor
First Saturday Host
Linda K LocSec
RG Registrar
Laura Kruss Recording Secretary 2007-2008
RG Co-Chair 2009
Ellen K RecSec
Barbara LPR Officer
Calendar Editor
Theresa LMember at Large 2009-Present
Hollis MSt Patrick's Day Party
First Saturday Host
RG Co-Chair
Lea MTGIF Coordinator
First Saturday Host
Julia M RG Hospitality Chair
First Saturday Host
Diana M Oregon Owl Award
"Eternal" Oregon Mensa Scholarship Chair
Region-8 Scholarship Chair
Connie M Omen Editor
Michael Meagher AG Co-Chair 2011
RG Chair 2010
Bill Morita RG Hospitality Chair
First Saturday Host
Bill Olsen Arbitrator/Mediator
Mind Games Chair 2006
Kathe O Gifted Children 2001-Pres
Ruth P LocSec 2006-2008
RG Chair 2011-2012
RG Hospitality Chair
J. Andrew Parsons LocSec
First Saturday Host
Michael Pearce LocSec
Omen Editor 1989-1993
First Saturday Host
Joe Pindel LocSec
Scott Rainey Oregon Webmaster, Web Contact 1985-Present
AMC Secretary 2007-2009
MemSec 2002-2004
AMC RVC8 2001-2005
First Saturday Host
Becky ROmen Editor 2009-2010
BeaveRG Publicity 2010-
John Recht AG Co-Chair 2011
AG Program Chair 2011
AMC 2nd Vice Chairman 2009-2013
AMC RVC-8 2005-2009
Mind Games CoChair 2006
RG Chair
First Saturday Host
Joanne Reisman SIGHT Coordinator 2004-Present
AG Entertainment 2011
RG Hospitality Chair
Barbara Ring Dining SIG
First Saturday Host
Denise S MemSec
First Saturday Host
David SchlinkertLocSec 2013-Present
RG Co-chair 2014
RG Hospitality Chair 2013
Active in Sacramento
First Saturday Host
B J S LocSec
First Saturday Host
Fred Shumacher LocSec
RG Chair
Stephanie S RecSec 2004-2006
Robin Tawwater Scholarship Committee
Area Coordinator Lower Columbia
Tina Varner Calendar Ed 2006-2008
Jenny WLocSec 2012-2013
MemSec 2011-2013
Kellie WMemSec 2013-Pres
Treasurer 2009-2013
RG Hospitality Chair
RG Cochair 2014
First Saturday Host
MiMi WLocSec
RG Chair
RG Hospitality Chair
First Saturday Host
Aaron Willett RecSec
Sandra WOmen Editor 2011-2013
Pamela W RecSec
First Saturday Host
Laurie Y Women's SIG
RG Hospitality Chair
Mike Yamrick RG CHair
First Saturday Host

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      Send requests and updates to Scott Rainey or call him at 503-452-7700.

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