A Brief Listing of Gifted Children's Resources

A Brief Listing of
   Gifted Children's Resources

Oregon Mensa Resources
American Mensa Resources
Oregon Mensa has maintained Gifted Children's resource pages for over 12 years. In that time, a lot has changed. Most of it for the better.

This is still a journey of a thousand miles with us taking the first steps. Please help us continue the journey by sharing new and exciting GC resources when you discover them.

The menu under Gifted Children at left will lead you to additional resources.

Diana Maul, Oregon Mensa's Gifted Children's coordinator has created a selected reading list for you under Books and Publications

School Resources includes Local School District TAG programs.

Other Resources: Portland & Pacific Northwest includes additional GC Resources.

Oregon Laws & Rules presents a partial listing of Oregon Laws and Adminstrative Rules related to Gifted Children.

Schools and Programs includes universtiy programs and boarding schools that cater to the gifted.

About Gifted People is an essay many have found useful.

Associations & Other Resources is a listing of programs, essay and other resources you may find worthwhile.

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