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   Oregon Mensa has been actively online since 1995. We had a lot of geeks as members.
   You are reading our website, let us tell you about e-lists and social media.
   Oregon Mensa has a Facebook group.
   Oregon Mensa has a Facebook Gen Y SIG group.
   Oregon Mensa has a Meetup Gen Y SIG group.
   Oregon Mensa has a Meetup group for general membership
   On LinkedIn you will find a variety of Mensa groups and members often list their membership in their Linked In bio.
E-LISTS: In a world where "social media," dominates mind-share, e-lists might seem arcane, but they still work and in the view of your volunteer managers, they work better than newer alternatives.

   We encourage all new members to join or.a our very lightly used announcements e-list.
   We have e-lists for our committees & teams and general discussion lists that can be quite lively. Where a list serves the business of running the chapter, it is hosted by American Mensa Limited. Lists for social discussions of general ideas are hosted as member-to-member services.

Hot-links below let you join that list. Where there's no hotlink, the list serves a committe. As a volunteer run organization, you are encouraged to check out all of our committees. Their meetings are open to the memebership.

Member-To-Member E-List Services
    Forms-L -- Forum, Oregon Mensa List - the original, enormously popular, lively discussion E-List.
    Forms-PG -- Powwow Gently - Our never-heated discussion E-List.
    Forms-2030 -- For members in their 20's and 30's. This list predates the Gen-X SIG and Gen-Y SIG, but it still gets used.
    Forms-RG -- An E-List for BeaveRG Regional Gathering Attendees. Useful for coordinating ride-shares, room-shares and off-site events like meals.

American Mensa Hosted E-List Services
    or.a -- Oregon Mensa's Announcements Only E-List.
    or.g -- Oregon Mensa's Regional Gathering Committee E-List.

    or.x -- Oregon Mensa's ExComm E-List.
    or.ac -- Oregon Mensa's Area Coordinators E-List.


    E-Lists for member to member conversations are offered as a free Member-to-Member service, by our stalwart Listmeister: Rob Knauerhase.
    We sometimes take his good works for granted, in no small part because he does it so well, that nobody ever has to think about it. We all thank you Rob.

    E-Lists for official chapter business, including general membership announcements, are hosted on the American Mensa Server.
    The difference between the two is that the lists on AML servers are pretty much a right of membership, where the member-to-member services are not.

American Mensa Hosted Services
Hosted On American Mensa's Servers.

or.a We encourage all members to subscribe to our Annoucements Only E-List.

From time to time, you'll see special announcements of events that were cooked up after our paper newsletter deadline. You'll also get a (mostly) weekly reminder of our local events calendar.
or.g The Oregon Mensa BeaveRG Committee's E-List Our com channel for the RG team. If you think you might like to get involved with the RG team, but aren't sure, subscribe to this list and watch it for a while.
Member-To-Member Services
Administered by Rob Knauerhase or Jeff Fisher

Forms-L (Forum, Oregon Mensa List) is our original and enormously popular Mensa discussion E-Mail list.
   On Forms-L we share ideas, jokes and opinions. We discuss science, technology, current events, movies, food, humor, and all of the things in which Mensans are known to take interest. Yes, even religion, politics, and sex.
   If you qualify for membership, you don't need to be told that certain topics make some folks excitable. You also know that ideas expressed in messages on Forms-L are solely those of the individual Mensans, not all Mensans or Mensa as an organization.
   But since some folks forget: The bylaws of American Mensa stipulate that Mensa will hold no opinions. This is probably because our members have a great many opinions, and they don't always agree with one another.
   Lively Discussions take place on Forms-L It should come as no surprise that bright people get passionate about the ideas in which they believe. There will be contributors to Forms-L with whom you may often agree, and others with whom you may rarely agree. Most will be in the middle, much like the rest of real life.
   Your ideas and opinions are most certainly welcome.
   However, you should take care that what you say on Forms-L has been well thought out, because you can expect your ideas to be examined and challenged, even by people who usually agree with your point of view.
  An interesting reality in the 21st century is that some people almost never encounter an opposing view from someone they respect. Some react as though an opposing view or the person holding it, is stupid or full of hate. Nothing could be further from reality.
   You can be confident that the writer on Forms-L is not stupid. Sometimes a "dumb idea" from dead-tree-media or the blogosphere is posted to stimulate discussion. If an opinion on Forms-L shocks or surprises you, it only means that both of you are thinking. Something to cherish. "When two or more people agree on everything, it means only one of them is thinking."
   Newcomers to Forms-L are often surprised to see that their underlying presumptions about what is right and real can shift with exposure to the thoughts of other bright minds. That was a dare.
   It is important to remember that it's the idea being challenged not the person.
   You may see postings that at first glance look like confrontation, but look closer. The rules of net-etiquette (nettiquette) say that attacking facts and ideas is fine, but attacking people is off limits. A good rule of thumb when reading Forms-L is to remember that the people debating ideas there are not angry with each other. Mostly.
Forms-PG is Oregon Mensa's less volatile "Powwow Gently" list. Think PG rated movie.     "Put downs, name calling, and abusive or rude language" is against the informal rules of both lists, but on Forms-PG these informal rules are enforced.
   The Forms-PG guidelines ask that you avoid harsh critique of ideas.
   Forms-PG is a "monitored" list. The monitors will privately intercede when two or more list members complain about a post. Intercession can take time, we ask you to patiently delete offending posts to give the monitors time to work things out quietly.
   Articles: It's OK to submit interesting articles published elsewhere on the net, or pointers to same, but please point out what you found interesting or compelling at the top of the article.
   Humor is risky, even if what you post is not risque. If you do choose to post humor, kindly remove all the traces that it's been forwarded eleventy-zillion times, and check the grammar.
   Politics & Politicians, Crime & Punishment and so on, get some folks all riled up. If you are able to discuss these issues without getting too upset, feel free to do so here.
Forms-RG If you're registered for the next BeaveRG, or just thinking about it, sign up for this list. Here is where the RG committee will make announcements, and seek input. You can ask if anybody wants to share an offsite meal or join you in a tour of a local Museums. Ride-shares and room-shares and off-site meals & events are on-topic here.
M-US-AG-2013/ and M-US-AG-2014/ -- Yahoo Groups E-Lists setup by Jeff Fisher for those attending the American Mensa Annual Gathering. Ride-shares and room-shares and off-site meals & events are on-topic here.
Oregon Mensa's Bylaws

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