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We encourage all new members to join or.a our calendar and short-notice announcements list.

   Oregon Mensa has been actively online since 1995. We had a lot of geeks as members.
   You are reading our website, let us tell you about e-lists and social media.
   Facebook has an Oregon Mensa group.
   Facebook has a Mensa Region-8 group. (OR, WA, ID, MT, NV & CA)
   Oregon Mensa has a Facebook Gen Y SIG group.
There's more, so go to Facebook and type Mensa to find what interests you.
   Oregon Mensa has a Meetup group for general membership
   On LinkedIn you will find a variety of Mensa groups and members often list their membership in their Linked In bio.
E-LISTS: In a world where "social media," dominates mind-share, e-lists might seem arcane, but they still work and in the view of your volunteer managers, they work better than newer alternatives.

   We have e-lists for our committees & teams and general discussion lists that can be quite lively. Where a list serves the business of running the chapter, it is hosted by American Mensa Limited. Lists for social discussions of general ideas are hosted as member-to-member services.

Hot-links below let you join that list. Where there's no hotlink, the list serves a committe. As a volunteer run organization, you are encouraged to check out all of our committees. Their meetings are open to the memebership.

American Mensa Hosted E-List Services
    or.a -- Oregon Mensa's Announcements Only E-List. Everyone should join this list.
    or.forms-l -- Forum, Oregon Mensa List - a reboot of our the original, enormously popular, lively discussion E-List.
    or.g -- Oregon Mensa's Regional Gathering Committee E-List.

    or.x -- Oregon Mensa's ExComm E-List - for active volunteers too.

Oregon Mensa's Bylaws

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